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In addition to our day-to-day marketing efforts, I set up several video interviews throughout each year to promote the analytics program to prospective students and potential corporate partners.

For these videos, I interviewed, hired, and supervised videographers and worked with Chicago-area companies to schedule on-site interviews. After selecting students, alumni, faculty, and/or corporate executives, I developed the concept for each video and crafted interview questions that were unique to each participant.

After I conducted the interviews, I worked closely with the videographer during the editing process to keep the video consistent with Northwestern messaging and branding. When completed, I uploaded videos to the program's YouTube account and shared frequently to our social media audience via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to featuring the videos on the analytics program website.

Along with an increase in number of applicants to the program, our Youtube video overall views rose significantly and the number of YouTube subscribers grew by approximately forty percent.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Cascade CMS
  • Sprinklr


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